About volunteering
GMFA believes that health promotion for gay men is fundamentally enhanced when gay men take a central role in the development and delivery of projects.

Volunteer roles
All volunteer roles have role descriptions. Current volunteer roles include:

  • graphic designers
  • copy-writers
  • campaign developers
  • photographers
  • editorial volunteers
  • fundraisers
  • modelling for campaigns
  • office volunteers

For examples of the types of projects you will work on as a volunteer look in the section Our Work.

There are some types of activities that GMFA currently does not do. We therefore do not have volunteer opportunities for things like:

  • offering advice or information in person or by phone
  • running a drop-in centre or support groups
  • providing services such as buddying, legal or welfare advice

Requirements for volunteering
GMFA is an open access organisation. We do not require volunteers to have specific skills or qualifications, but some volunteer roles within GMFA are restricted to people with the appropriate skill. Where possible, GMFA will provide training in order to give volunteers the required skills for their volunteer role.

You do not have to live in London to volunteer for GMFA – indeed many of our volunteers don’t. However we may not be able to reimburse your travel expenses if you live beyond zone 6 of London.

In order to make volunteering at GMFA an enjoyable and rewarding experience, GMFA has policies that are designed to protect volunteers. At first glance they may appear to be a list of rules and regulations, but they’re not. In fact GMFA doesn’t make volunteers do anything. All we ask is that if you say that you’ll do something, you follow through.

For a list of volunteer policies, including the Volunteer Expenses policy, click on the section Policies.

How to become a volunteer
If you want to volunteer for GMFA, email [email protected] with your name, address and telephone number. We will then be in touch to discuss volunteering options.

Please inform us if you have any special access requirements and we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate them.