Many travel insurance policies will not normally cover you for any illness resulting from a pre-existing medical condition, and since HIV would be a pre-existing condition (unless you were diagnosed whilst on holiday), these policies would not cover you for any illness you experienced as a result of HIV.

If you’ve already purchased travel insurance, it’s a good idea to give your insurance company a call to see what their rules are about pre-existing conditions. Some may offer to cover you for illnesses related to HIV at an extra cost, however others may not.

These policies would still cover you for other medical problems and for loss or theft of your property; however, there are now some companies that routinely offer travel insurance covering pre-existing conditions, including HIV.

Below are listed three companies that offer travel insurance for people with HIV, although there may well be other companies willing to cover people with HIV. It’s worth comparing a few different companies to see what they offer and making sure that the one you choose covers every eventuality that may occur. If you have a partner who doesn’t have HIV, it’s worth making sure that he is covered by the same insurance company as you. Travel insurance companies such as the ones listed below may cover him for return flights with you should you become ill because of HIV. Check their policies before you decide to buy from one of them.

Easy Travel Insurance
Tel: 0845 222 2226
Email: [email protected]

Freedom Travel Insurance
Tel: 01223 446 914
Email: [email protected]

World First
Tel: 0845 90 80 161
Email: [email protected]