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One in every three gay guys living in the UK, diagnosed with HIV in the last year, is in his teens and 20s [1].

It’s easy to think that HIV won’t happen to you. Some guys don't see HIV as a relevant health issue for them and others even believe that there’s a cure. Because medication has got much better at treating people with HIV it’s now fairly rare to see people with visible symptoms of HIV. The truth is that HIV can happen to anyone, at any age; it doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 86. 

Although HIV-medication is very effective, there is still no cure forHIV. You can protect yourself and your partners by using a condomwhen having anal sex and getting regular tests for HIV and other STIs. If you become positive, it’s best to find out early so that you can starttreatment at the right time, which will prevent you from getting ill and also make it less likely that you pass the virus on to your sexual partners.  

If you are a gay or bisexual man living in London, you can order a free HIV home-sampling kit online here.

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