GMFA is building upon its strong foundation of work of tackling HIV stigma (HIV-Positive Guys Reading Mean Messages / HIV Stripped Bare / Living With HIV) with the launch of The Undetectables, a new video that shows how and why people who are HIV-undetectable can’t pass on HIV.

 Twelve HIV-undetectable gay men stood in front of our camera with a clear message for HIV-negative people: “you can’t get HIV from me.” They broke down what it means to be HIV-undetectable, how they became undetectable and why they don’t want to be stigmatised because of their status.

As part of the The Undetectables campaign, GMFA will also provide a series of factsheets to help gay men living with HIV disclose their status to their friends, family, partner, employer or one night stand.

 “2017 has been the year that many organisations across the world finally started to confirm that U=U (Undetectable equals Untransmittable),” says GMFA’s CEO Ian Howley. “We’ve seen major campaigns talking about how people living with HIV and on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus. And this has been wonderful. But many gay and bisexual men are not hearing this message, and if they are, it’s not sticking. We are also seeing many gay and bisexual men who still don’t quite believe the science behind U=U. And this for us is an issue.

 "This is why we created the video. We wanted to use real people, who are living with HIV and are undetectable, to break down step-by-step what exactly being HIV-undetectable is in today’s world. The men who spoke openly and honestly about living with the virus, simply stated: “You can’t get HIV from me.”

 “GMFA are calling on all HIV-negative men to listen to this powerful message. Only by increasing our knowledge of HIV and how it’s transmitted, can we really make an effort to stop HIV stigma in our community. Someone’s unfounded fear might just be stopping them from being with someone truly amazing." 

Watch ‘The Undetectables’ video