GMFA believes that no individual, organisation nor country can win the fight against the HIV epidemic by themselves. However, when we work together, we can make a difference and we will achieve our goals.

Every day another 8 gay men in the UK are diagnosed with HIV 1. 63% of all the HIV infections that occur in the UK are among gay men 2. This motivates us.

People who are infected with HIV continue to face ignorance and bigotry in their private and professional lives. They are demonised for not disclosing their HIV status and discriminated against when they do. This motivates us.

And despite changes in legislation over recent years: gay men and lesbians are still not treated as equals in all areas of society; homophobic hate crime is increasing and people continue to be attacked for who they are, who they love and how they love. This motivates us.

Our work is the contribution we make in response.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, if you are motivated to help us and want to contribute in some way, GMFA welcomes and appreciates your help. Indeed we wouldn’t exist without volunteers or donations.

If you would like to volunteer or donate click on the appropriate button on the left hand menu.

If you manage or work for a pub or club and want to give us a hand by having collection tins or by holding a fundraising event please contact [email protected]

If you work for a funding organisation or corporation, please contact [email protected] or calling 020 7738 6872.