Part 2 of the series brought to you by sexpert and sex fan, Topher. Topher will be sexually guiding you through the Coronavirus lockdown and will give you tips and advice on how to expend your sexual energy when you can't hook-up.

Part 1:

Pleasing yourself at home

By Topher Taylor | @helloiamtopher

For part 2, I thought I'd with a guide to pleasing yourself at home because after all, sex doesn’t have to be about a partnership or a group. Solo sex can be amazing if you allow yourself to fully indulge and enjoy it.

Leave the feelings of FOMO behind you. I appreciate that things are getting ‘real’ now and this very much feels like that gap between Christmas and New Year but please try and behave rationally. Easier said than done, I know. But it really is a good time for us to practice self-control, self-restraint, etc, etc. The clearest piece of advice that we are getting from our government and health organisations, is to stay home and not physically interact with people outside of our households. Lots of people are indulging in alcohol and whatever-else and, as we know, this can often lead to bad decision making.

Also, remember I said about introducing sex toys into your cam2cam playtime? These are ideal showtime companions if you’re comfortable with doing that. If you’re not – absolutely fine. Each to their own.

With all of the above in mind, I have put together a list of sex toys and ideas for everyone in various situations during quarantine and social-distancing; from solo to separated couples, through to couples who are home together and want to spice things up.

1. Ditto by We-Vibe.
This delicious anal toy is powered by a Bluetooth app that can be controlled by anyone, regardless of their and your location. The tagline is ‘Stimulate each other no matter where you are’ and what a way to do it! The Ditto is a plump, rechargeable butt plug with perineum (gap between your balls and bumhole) stimulator. Ideal for giving fuck buddies your login info to and then enjoy the ride.

2. Tenga Flip Zero.
I would go on record as saying that this is probably the best masturbation toy that I’ve ever used – and the reviews speak for themselves. This incredible sex toy is not only beautiful to look at (looks a bit like a speaker) but it delivers pleasure. Flip Zero has a jelly inner-material which is saturated in texture, shapes, swirls, and blocks which grip your shaft and penis head perfectly. It’s ‘squeezable’ also, meaning you can control the tightness and suction.

3. Nexus SIMUL8 with Butt Plug Attachment:
This is a great toy to have, regardless if you’re alone or coupled/grouped. The SIMUL8 is a double cock ring (shaft & balls) leading to a perineum stimulator, which THEN leads to a butt plug. It’s easily controlled with buttons on the stimulator and makes solo-masturbation SO much more exciting. If you’re a bottom who struggles to enjoy orgasms without anal penetration, then this is the toy for you. Thank me later.

4. Chastity. If you’re a kinky dom or sub and want to liven things up for your playmate during lockdown, have clear communication, boundaries and safe words, then why not introduce chastity to quarantine? If you’re a sub, your dom has control of your package and if you’re a dom – you’re in charge. It's VITAL that this is only done with a partner you know very well and can trust profusely. Absolutely no exceptions. If you have a single second of hesitation, it’s a no from me.

5. Fantasy toys. If ever there was a time to indulge in your desires and throw hesitation to the wind – it’s now. As long as you’re buying something that’s the correct size and shape for your anatomy, then why the hell not? Look at brands such as Hankeys, Weredog and Bad Dragon for delightfully unique sex toys in various colours, shapes, and sizes. Please note that fantasy toys have a tendency to get VERY large, so please pay attention to the products that you’re buying.

6. Fleshjack TURBO Ignition Masturbator.
This is a very satisfying sex toy from the iconic Fleshjack range. Designs to imitate the sensations of a butthole or face-fuck, this blue and clear dick-pleaser is made from a lifelike material that warms to the touch. All you need to do is take the lid off, add some lube and enjoy it. I always recommend these toys to guys that experience erectile dysfunction during sex or delayed ejaculation. If you are in these two categories, then fuck your Fleshjack instead of wanking with it. Use it as a training device to get your dick trained out of relying on wanking for orgasms. Lots of people have seen the benefits of doing this.

Sex toys can really help us with getting to know our bodies, what our genitals like an awakening erogenous zones that we perhaps never knew we have. They’re versatile, exciting and often overlooked. These don’t have to be used as a replacement for lover(s) but more as a present for yourself, a gift of self-love. Times are stressful at the moment, so taking some time to give your body experience is really worthwhile.

If any of the above recommendations appeals to you but you want something *slightly* different or would like another type of recommendation, please feel free to email me using [email protected]. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

The COVID-19 situation is getting quite frightening now, and I hope that you’re taking the advice seriously. If having Grindr, Scruff, etc. on your phone is acting as a source of temptation and you feel like you might slip, then maybe delete it just for now. Or do what I do – every time I feel like I am going to snap and meet, I’ll give myself an intense orgasm with a toy. Not a simple wank, I’ll give myself an ORGASM.

Sending luv to everyone and thank you for reading. I’ll see you soon.


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