In this section you will find most of GMFA's policies and our governing documents. We have put them here in order that GMFA can be a transparent organisation and to enable GMFA volunteers to have access to all the policies when they need them.

If you are from another voluntary organisation, please feel free to use any of the policies. However, GMFA does not take any legal responsibility for any third party use of the policies.

GMFA also has employment policies which we are happy to share with you. If you would like to receive a copy of any of our employment policies please contact the Chief Executive.

Governing documents
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  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Articles of Association
Developing interventions
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  1. Policy on developing interventions.pdf
  2. Intervention Approval
  3. Accessing GMFA Reserves
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  1. Volunteer Leadership
  2. GMFA Membership
  3. Volunteer Code of Conduct
  4. Volunteer Induction
  5. Volunteer Reporting Problems
  6. Volunteer Conflicts
  7. Volunteer Expenses
  8. Volunteer Expenses Claim Form (PDF)
  9. Volunteer Expenses Claim Form (Word)
Volunteer role descriptions
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  1. Advertising Campaign Development
  2. FS Editorial Group
  3. FS Writer
  4. Fundraiser
  5. Grant Application
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Illustrator
  8. Photographer
  9. Pride
  10. Pride Project Planning
  11. Web Writing
  12. Outreach Volunteers 
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  1. Directors' Code of Conduct
  2. Directors' Role Description
  3. Director's Declaration
  4. Chair's Role Description
  5. Vice-Chair's Role Description
  6. Company Secretary's Role Description
  7. Treasurer's Role Description
  8. Directors' Training and support
  9. Co-option of Directors
  10. Appointment of Patrons
  11. Board Minutes
  12. Setting up Subcommittees of the Board
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  1. Equality
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Bullying and Harassment
  4. Data Protection
  5. Fraud Policy
  6. Environmental Policy
  7. External Complaints
  8. External Requests