Pierluigi has volunteered for HERO/GMFA for three years, joining the Board in September 2017.

He is passionate about human rights and has a strong interest in addressing health inequalities. Pierluigi started volunteering in Italy’s largest Gay Rights organization (Arci Gay) in 1989, organising and promoting activities to enhance LGBT visibility and rights, including one of the first ever Gay Pride demonstrations in Sicily.

He moved to the UK in 1995, where he studied Linguistics and received a first class distinction for his dissertation. This focused on the impact of the gay rights movements on Sicilian gay jargon and its relationship with gender identity.

Professionally, he has been working in the medical research area for 17 years and has a vast experience in health outcomes, diseases’ impact on quality of life, and treatment paradigms of dozens of therapeutic areas, including HIV and Hepatitis C.

Pierluigi has a BA in Linguistics from the University of Luton and an MSc in Speech & Hearing Sciences from University College London, where has also recently completed an MSc in Health Psychology.