Why we created Me. Him. Us.

Me.Him.Us., which was developed by BAME gay and bisexual men for BAME gay and bisexual men, aims to increase testing among BAME gay and bisexual men but also to increase representation of BAME gay and bisexual men in public health campaigns. The first wave of Me. Him. Us. will focus particularly on black gay and bisexual men.Read more

See the Me. Him. Us. posters

Take a look at the four posters from the Me. Him. Us. campaign, which you will see at bus stops in South London and in venues across the Capital.Read more

Black gay men: this is why we need to test for HIV

Phil Samba, star of the Me.Him.Us campaign and part of the campaign's development group, breaks down why HIV testing is so important for black gay men.Read more

HIV testing

Everyone has an HIV status; you are either HIV-negative or HIV-positive. Taking an HIV test won't change your status but it will let you know what it is. Not taking a test doesn't mean that you are HIV-negative; it simply means that you don't know your status.Read more

HIV self-testing

HIV self-test kits allow you to test for HIV in the privacy of your own home. You take a sample - either a saliva swab or blood from a finger prick - test it yourself using the kit and get your result straight away. You don't need to send your sample off to get your result.Read more

I'm black but I am not your fetish

I couldn’t tell you how many times in person and on dating apps non-black men have been overjoyed to tell me how they “don’t usually like black guys” or how much they “love big black cock” or how much they have “always wanted to get fucked by a black guy.”Read more

What is HIV-undetectable?

HIV-undetectable is a term used to describe someone who is living with HIV but on successful and effective treatment.Read more