Grindr, chemsex and self-esteem

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Meet the gay men who don't drink alcohol

Breaking news! Some gay men don’t drink alcohol. Shocking, eh? Read more

Meet the HIV-positive gay men who are depressed and suicidal

If you just read about effective HIV treatment and life expectancy you’d be forgiven for thinking that HIV is no big deal these days. Sure your life might change but once you are diagnosed all you have to do is remind yourself to take your medication once a day, and eventually you will become undetectable and your life will go back to normal. Read more

5 ways to improve your mental health

How important is it to look after your mental health? Very, actually. All too often gay men spend far more time working on our abs than our mental health. Read more

Chemsex is not a drug problem – it’s a sex problem

If you haven’t had sober sex in the last six months, it hardly makes you a raging drug addict. But intimate sexual connections form a very important part of our general well-being, and if we’re relying too heavily on chems to fulfil those needs, then there’s some kind of problem going on. Read more

Chill-outs versus chemsex – same thing, different stigma?

It’s just chems, chems and more chems, right? Read more

Hot Mess - just another gay man with issues

Wasted (again) in public? Making out with a hot stranger? Dressed to reveal underwear and excess flesh? Doing lewd dance moves on a nightclub podium? Another private sex tape gone viral? Is this Britney’s latest relapse – or is it yours? Read more

Is alcohol a gateway drug to chemsex?

Warren came out at age 18. It was a good time for him – exploring the Soho gay bars with mates, having a few drinks, some clumsy drunken sexual encounters, mostly good times. Not so lucky with relationships, but lots of awesome one-night-stands. Plenty of hangovers sure, but that’s being young and single. Read more

Wank me off

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Fucking Friends

The most delicate of balances to strike is that of your penis versus your social circle. Your friends may well be the most important thing in your life, but left unchecked, your burgeoning man-mound can dominate all, cutting a swathe through your social life. Read more