My BIG gay sex problem #149

When it comes to sex and relationships there is no such thing as a stupid question. Here are our answers to some of the things you asked us via the GMFA website. Read more

Chemsex in the city - it’s every gay man for himself

It’s tough being single and sexually available in 2015 (dare I say ‘romantically available’). We have slut-shaming and PrEP-shaming in our newsfeeds, dating dialogue has been reduced to “you’re hot” and “send cock-pics”, and the most romantic thing that happens on a Saturday night is stroking the back of the guy you’d been snogging as he vomits a little too much G into a filthy nightclub toilet bowl. Who said romance is dead? Read more

Sex toys for the boys

Throughout my teenage years I regularly raided the vegetable drawer of the fridge, gradually getting the hang of how to accommodate a variety of produce of differing dimensions. Read more

How to survive group sex

The chances are that at some point in your life you will end up in a threesome, foursome, fivesome, orgy or full on gang bang. Some may only get as far as a threesome but many experience the lot. Here at FS we decided to talk to gay men who regularly do more than one-on-one sex to find out what’s the thrill of it all, and what they’ve learnt to do and not do. Read more

I used to think 'why am I always single?' Then something happened...

After years of searching for ‘Mr Right’ I think I’ve finally found my match. He’s smart, funny, creative, affectionate and emotionally balanced, pretty much ticking all the essential boxes on my list. Read more

The swiping game - a textual kick to the balls

In an ideal world, this is what would happen: you swipe right, they swipe right, conversation sparks, you meet, instant connection and scandalous flirtation ensue, moonlight dinner dates and long, lustful stares fill your evenings... Read more

Gay men and the battle to be happy

The gay community has made many giant strides forward in recent years, but in certain areas we continue to stumble and make little progress. Read more

9 ways to stay safe on Grindr

Roy’s next memory is waking up on the floor outside the nearest hospital, clothes torn and jaw broken. Read more

"Oi! You! You take it up the arse"

LGBT hate crime is not just physical attacks in the dark. Read more

"Oh shit, I have HIV!"

“Oh shit, I have HIV” were not the words I said when I was first diagnosed. They were what I said out loud to myself six months later as I was sat on the tube on my way home from a long day at work. Read more

What's your fetish?

Fetishes come in all shapes and sizes – particularly if your fetish happens to be for sex toys – and extends far beyond the 50 Shades-style bondage which people assume ‘fetish’ entails. Read more

Are you a happy homo?

I’ve been thinking about my life recently and a question popped into my mind – am I a happy homosexual? Read more

'Just Man Up' - the stigma of silence is killing us

Over three quarters of those who died by suicide in 2012, while suffering from depression and related illnesses, were men. It’s the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK, claiming lives of more young men than cancer. Read more

True Life: "The night I nearly died"

It seems almost every time I read an American paper, or read online news, another gay teenager in the US has committed suicide. I sit there and read the article talking about how they were a ‘promising student’ or a ‘loving son’, I see the photo of their young face and every time my heart breaks a little more. If only I could have spoken to them, held their hand and told them it’ll be all right and given them a hug. I feel so completely and utterly powerless to help. Read more

Meet the HIV-positive gay men who are depressed and suicidal

If you just read about effective HIV treatment and life expectancy you’d be forgiven for thinking that HIV is no big deal these days. Sure your life might change but once you are diagnosed all you have to do is remind yourself to take your medication once a day, and eventually you will become undetectable and your life will go back to normal. Read more

5 ways to improve your mental health

How important is it to look after your mental health? Very, actually. All too often gay men spend far more time working on our abs than our mental health. Read more