GMFA develops a wide range of HIV prevention and sexual health information and advice resources for gay and bisexual men, including this website.

GMFA have developed a reputation for frank, accessible work, using the same kind of language that gay men use with each other when talking about sex. Most of the people involved with developing our projects, whether they are staff or volunteers, are also gay men. So we don’t want to stop gay men having sex, or make them feel bad about the sex that they have, we just want gay men to have the best sex, with the least harm, that they can.

GMFA gets no public funding for our work so we rely upon the generosity and support of the community and of individuals to continue with our campaigns. If you or your friends have benefited from our work and would like to help us carry on, you can make a donation at our donation page.

GMFA’s projects include:

All GMFA projects are based on evidence and their development follows a consistent and robust process. This includes pre-testing them with gay men prior to launch to make sure they meets men's needs.