Me. Him. Us. Hangouts is a free online peer support group for gay, bisexual or trans men from Black, South Asian and other minority ethnic groups who live, work or socialise in London.

It's a space to chat, to think and to reflect away from mainstream queer culture.

Each session will have a different focus, from music and culture, to mental health and social issues. You can find the session that's right for you and talk to like-minded people, makes new friends and learn something new.

The conversations will be run by our facilitator Kuljit and there will be opportunities for small group chats and bigger discussions.  

If you want to find out more, or want to have a phone or video chat before attending the group then you can contact Kuljit at [email protected] 

Upcoming Group Hangouts

In this hangout we will talk about music that inspires you, makes you happy, empowers you. Is there a song or album that changed or save your life? Come to this hangout and share your stories with men who just like you find music a big part of their lives. To join this group or if you have any questions email the group lead, Kuljit Bhogal on [email protected].

  • SUBJECT TBC - Thursday 03 December 7 - 8pm: To register your free place, email: [email protected]

  • SUBJECT TBC - Thursday 17 December 7 - 8pm:  To register your free place, email: [email protected]