John moved to London in 1995 from the Forest of Dean, after a detour of several years via Plymouth University where he studied Business and Finance. Since 1995, John has worked for a national builders merchant in various roles such as stocking taking, customer service, sales & purchasing administration, product procurement and system administration. Over that time he has also been part of the project teams that oversaw the introduction and training of internal computer systems.

John has been a HERO/GMFA volunteer for three years, helping out in the office on occasions, along with Sports Day, bucket rattling and helping out at other fundraising events.

John is an avid book reader with Patricia Cornwall, Kathy Reichs, James Patterson and Lee Child as some of his favourite authors, though his passion has always been for Science Fiction.  He can also be found travelling the lands of Azeroth in the online game World of Warcraft in his free time.