03/07/2021 @ 7pm - free support group for Gay, Bi and Trans men living with HIV from Black and South Asian communities.

What is HangOuts+?

HangOuts+ is a new peer-support and wellbeing group for gay, bi and trans men living with HIV from Black and South Asian communities focused on providing a safe and non-judgemental space where men who are living with HIV can come together to talk, listen and support one another while learning basic self-care techniques to help you outside of this programme. This group will give you a positive space to think about these things from a personal perspective, share your journey without fear of judgement or discrimination.

About this Event

Research has shown that men from black and South Asian communities experience loneliness and higher signs of mental distress. They also are more likely to experience stigma due to living with HIV. To try and tackle this we have started a peer support group for gay, bisexual and trans men from both sets of communities where they can come together and share their lived experiences and learn from each other and hopefully build a new support system. 

The group is facilitated by Ameet who is a British born gay man living with of South Asian heritage. Ameet will create a safe space for people to explore issues related to living with HIV while providing basic self-care tips and training. 

Why self-care?

We know that life is tough right now for everyone, but we also know that men from black and South Asian communities might be finding it very difficult right now for several reason including lack of opportunities to express yourself in a safe environment. Safe-care is a way of teaching you how to cope with issues such as anxiety, loneliness or bouts of depression. Self-care training will include breathing techniques, meditation and understand your thoughts and feelings and other things you can do to help ease the pressures of life. 

Who Is This Event For?

Gay, bisexual, trans men living with HIV, who live in the UK and are from black and South Asian communities. You are expected to have your video camera turned on so that people can see who they are talking to.

What To Expect?

The event is facilitated and usually starts with some introductions and some small group work. In our virtual groups we do this using breakout rooms. We then use a bigger group discussion to explore things in a bit more depth.

You're welcome to spend more time listening than speaking and you are not expected to tell us about your sexuality or gender unless you want to.

At the end of the event you will be asked to fill out a quick anonymous survey to help us improve for our next event.

How to join

To register for this event please email Ameet on [email protected] and he will get in contact with all the details you need to join the group.