While we are all isolating and not hooking up during the Coronavirus lockdown, we have a lot more time to spend alone with our spanking new free premium Pornhub subscriptions (or if you can afford it, supporting your favourite porn stars through OnlyFans). 

However, sometimes wanking can get a little tedious, so here are some tips to mix up those hand movements and keep your masturbation fresh.  (It’s worth noting that sitting on your hand until it goes numb doesn’t really do much). 

The standard grip 

common technique: you simply wrap your fingers around the shaft of your dick and rub up and down. It provides lots of contact between hand and dick – and more contact means more pleasure. This technique is especially good if you have a big dick; if your dick isn't much longer than your fist is wide you won't be able to stroke it very far, so another grip may be more effective. 

Five alive 

Allow your hand and arm to form an angle with your penis, with four fingers on top of the shaft at a diagonal angle and your thumb below. This allows you to get more control over hand to dick contact, and lets you move your hand along the entire length, whatever your size. 

The power of three 

If your penis is smaller in size, simply hold it like you would a pen or pencil. This grip allows maximum control and maximum distance of motion (from the base all the way to the head), but the hand to dick contact is less than with other grips. 

The backhand 

This one is a backwards version of 'the fist'. Grip your dick from the left side rather than the right (if you are right-handed). To do this, rotate your wrist so your thumb is pointing down; you may have to pull your dick to the side a bit. It's a little awkward at first, but it's an excellent grip to use when you want to try something other than your normal grip for a while. 

The two hander 

If you need two hands... well, congratulations. If not, then use one hand to stroke your penis and the other to gently tug or stroke your balls. Creating pleasure in different zones can make for a more intense experience. If you have lube, maybe play with your ass a little or use a sex toy if you have one, while you masturbate. If you’re not used to being fingered or using sex toys, go slow and use plenty of lube as you don’t want to cause yourself an injury (and put further pressure on the NHS). 

The high end wank 

This is all about luxury. Set aside a good amount of time, find your favourite porn, get your best lube (whether that’s water-based, oil-based or a lotion that you like), use your favourite sex aid like a fleshjack or cockring if you want accessories, lower the blinds (unless you’re into exhibitionismand give yourself the masturbation session you deserve. We all have the time now.