With porn, escorting and user-generated content like OnlyFans and JustFor.Fans it’s arguably easier than ever to monetise your sex life. Seemingly, sex work is less and less in the shadows and that’s something that should be celebrated. After all, sex work is legitimate work.

FS sat round a table with three people in the industry, all with different outlooks and career paths, to discuss how it has changed and impacted their lives, often for the better.

Diggory is 33 and does a mix of studio work for TimTales, OnlyFans and escorting. Alon, 24, performs for OnlyFans and JustFor.Fans, as well as some studio porn work. Daniel is 34 and is a fitness model and influencer who shows off his body on OnlyFans.

FS: When did you all start performing?

Alon: I started doing some anonymous sensual massage and soft porn movies. I don’t consider that the beginning of my porn journey. I’d say the beginning was in December 2018. I did a scene with a Greek guy called John Strap. He fucked me at my place.

And you put it online?

Alon: Yeah. And within two weeks I’d filmed with five guys. It became big really quick.

Diggory: I used to perform on Cam4 a long time ago. Maybe like ten years ago. I was doing that anonymously with no face on camera. Then I started making some videos and things just slowly escalated. I made this one video for Xtube with Leander (another porn star) which took off. I think it went a little bit viral. Things have slowly built up from there. And OnlyFans came along and I thought let’s give that a go as well.

Daniel: I started OnlyFans around 14 months ago. I heard about it and thought why not. Let’s monetise Instagram followers. I thought it’d be a way to convert Instagram followers into subscribers and providing a step up from what you see on Instagram.

So, going fully nude?

Daniel: It didn’t really start like that but I guess it’s racier than you’d see on Instagram. It was naughtier.

What about your studio work, Diggory?

Diggory: I was asked to do that a few years back. Tim (Tim Kruger of TimTales) messaged asking me to do it. I was a little bit shy and was like ‘hmm I’m not sure’, maybe if I can wear a mask. That type of thing. As the months went by, I steadily got braver and more confident, I guess.

Is there a particular reason TimTales sought you out?

Diggory: (laughs) Yeah, I’d probably say there’s one big reason!

How did you transition from online to studio work?

Alon: I’m still filming JustFor.Fans and OnlyFans and then I sent an application to a studio. I’ll hopefully get more soon.

What motivated you to do porn?

Alon: I love porn so much. I’m a porn fan. More like a porn addict (laughs). And I thought the only way to have sex with these guys is to be one of them. So, I joined them.

Diggory: That’s a very good reason.

Alon: That’s it. Just to have sex with porn guys.

And you found out you were good at it?

Alon: Yes (smiling). It’s my bragging rights to the rest of the Filipinos. I had sex with this guy (laughs). Look at my trophy.

Diggory: I was always a bit of an exhibitionist really. That’s why I used to enjoy showing off on webcam. And then things escalated and I started getting offers for escorting work, so I got into that. It just turned out to be really fun and a really good way of making money. 

So, you escort, Diggory?

Diggory: Yep.

And Alun, you don’t?

Alon: No.

Daniel: I’ve never had sex on OnlyFans.

Let’s talk about that as you’re here with two porn stars. Why did you decide to not go to that next step?

Daniel: I’ve always done what I enjoy doing. Photo shoots are fun, I enjoy working out. It’s not something I’m interested in. The people who follow me on Instagram, it’s all about training and physique, so I’m following that audience. It’s a lot about people who are into muscle worship. I’m not a porn star and I don’t want to try and be one. I’m in that muscle model, muscle worship category.

Diggory: With OnlyFans you can kind of use it for whatever you’re into.

It doesn’t have to be sex?

Alon: I could be sewing.

Out of all the work you do, what do you prefer?

Diggory: I think it’s the variety that makes the work interesting really. I was escorting before I started doing the OnlyFans. When you set up those pages it’s kind of like a YouTube channel, so you need to be putting out regular content, and it becomes a bit more of a commitment. Whereas when I was posting the occasional video on Xtube, it was just ‘here’s a hot video I just happened to take with a guy’. With OnlyFans and JustFor.Fans, I thought it would be a nice extra thing to do on top of escorting, but one tends to promote the other.

Do you find if you do studio work that you’re more in demand as an escort or more people subscribe to your page?

Diggory: Yeah, they seem to kind of feed off each other.

Are you full time performers?

Alon: Yes, I would say I am. It’s my bread and butter at the moment.

Diggory: The same for me. Any other job I’ve had where I just do the same thing over and over again I get bored, so I appreciate the variety of a bit of filming and then a bit of escorting.

Do you make a good living?

Diggory: Yeah definitely better money than I was making in my dreary office job. This is definitely better.

Alon: I can do online shopping as much as I want now without thinking of the expenses (laughs). It provides.

Daniel: I’m gonna say yeah. I guess it depends how you define a good living actually. I would say it helped me buy my new place.

Do you all have a social media presence to promote your work?

Alon: Yes.

Diggory: Yep.

Daniel: I do.

How do you cope with your work on a more open platform like Twitter versus an OnlyFans page where its controlled about who can view it?

Alon: Two weeks after I started posting stuff on Twitter, my mum’s business manager in the Philippines messaged me on Facebook and told me there was a sex tape going around of me. I replied that it wasn’t a sex tape, that it was proper porn. Then I thought, I have to tell my family now. I thought that conversation would happen in five years’ time. I’d met guys I was doing scenes with and their family had never found out. I embraced it. Right after she talked to me, I went to my family group chat on WhatsApp and told them I’m doing porn now. My twin sister, my sisters and brothers said they were proud of me. I come from a sex positive family. I said to my dad I’d be good at it, I’ll be famous and make you proud and he said alright, as long as you give me money. They are very supportive.

Daniel: My family and friends know because I promote it on Instagram. People understand now that it’s pretty much a business and they respect that. My brother knows that I do it but as it’s relatively tame, it’s OK.

Are you worried they might find out?

Diggory: If it happens, it happens. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Have you ever had a negative reaction about your work?

Alon: My mum is a church person and works for the church too. So, the rumour spread around our small town and she was asked about it. My mum went through a depressive episode about that. I just assured her. She got over it.

Daniel: For people who want to see you naked then the reaction has been positive. It’s tricky. I was working with Body Power and other fitness brands and there are certain things you can’t do. You can’t really have an OnlyFans account when you’re wanting to do certain business things. But it is a good money making tool. I feel a lot more comfortable with it now. It’s fun.

Diggory: I’ve had some less than positive reactions about being an escort but never really about being in porn.

What about being an escort?

Diggory: It has less of a positive connotation. But if you think about it, compared with porn, it’s the same thing. But people can see porn to be a bit more acceptable.

Alon: I think all people see is ‘prostitution’, where porn is more ‘stardom’.

So, you find there’s stigma around sex work?

Diggory: Not a lot but occasionally. I’m probably in a nice little bubble where I don’t run into a huge amount of stigma. But it’s definitely out there.

Alon: I’m very careful around the Filipino community. They can be very judgemental here in London. I don’t tell them about my work.

How do you manage relationships?

Alon: I’m married.

Diggory: I’m single.

Do you find it more difficult to maintain your work and your relationship?

Diggory: I’ve never been that worried about being in a relationship. If something comes along it happens but I’ve never been actively seeking it out. I think it might make it more complicated but there are plenty of guys I’ve worked with who do porn and escorting who have boyfriends. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

And you’re married, Alon?

Alon: My husband is very supportive. Sometimes when I film scenes at home, he even collects people from the station.

Does he get involved?

Alon: He’s involved by helping me. Sometimes when scene partners come from out of town they stay with me and they are now even closer to my husband than me.

How long have you been married?

Alon: Oh god… three years on the 22nd.

So, he’s super supportive of your career?

Alon: Yes, he’s even campaigning for me for the Prowler Porn Awards.

Is there pressure to do more than you’re comfortable with on a platform like OnlyFans in order to keep subscribers?

Daniel: I’m going to say yes. My page is a lot racier now. You can see me naked on OnlyFans. Originally you couldn’t. The main reason is that I had to make a clear distinction between what you’re getting on Instagram for free and what you’re paying for.

Alon: You’re so smart.

How do you keep safe when you meet guys for work?

Diggory: For escorting out calls, I usually tell my best mate where I’m going. And I generally avoid drink and drugs when I’m on the job, so I can keep my wits about me.

Alon: I always try to be nice and diplomatic. Then, they too will react the same.

What about your sexual health?

Diggory: I’m HIV-negative and on PrEP, and I get tested monthly. Obviously as with any casual sex there’s a risk of STIs, but the difference when you’re escorting is that a week off sex is a week off work! But I do what I can to keep myself and my clients safe.

Alon: I get checked once or twice a month. I do bareback.

What’s your best experience from your career?

Alon: That’s very difficult to answer.

Diggory: I’ve had some really good sex with clients. And clients I never would’ve expected to have good sex with, like guys that weren’t my type at all. One of the interesting things about escorting is that it’s really opened my eyes to not just pursuing guys you consider hot necessarily.

Aesthetics aren’t always the most important thing for quality sex?

Diggory: Not always yeah.

Alon: I find beauty in everyone. I always enjoy sex a lot. I’m very sexual. But the best sex I’ve ever had? Did you mean in the last 24 hours? (laughs). I can’t answer really.

Have you ever had a really bad experience?

Alon: Mine would be when they fall in love.

Diggory: Yeah that sucks.

Does that happen?

Alon: Yeah, a lot. They obsess.

Diggory: I hate it when emotions get involved. I’m just kidding.

How do you deal with it?

Alon: I have a template message. I tell them I’ve really enjoyed my time with them and I hope they understand that I’m not looking or I’m not on the same page.

Diggory: I had an amazing experience when I went over to this guy’s house. Quite a young guy. Younger than he said. Not illegal young. I thought this is a very nice house for a man of his age but I didn’t really question it too much. Halfway through his mum and dad came home and I had to hide under the bed. I was under that bed for a good hour and a half.

Have you seen OnlyFans have an impact on the porn industry?

Alon: I think the fan sites came up from the dying porn industry. Some studios are closing down and paying less to porn stars. This is a good platform for us to continue building our careers. It’s very fan-based.

Diggory: I think a lot of the big porn studios aren’t keen on OnlyFans because it’s a new model that’s come along that seems threatening.

Alon: It’s the revolution of porn.

Diggory: It’s like music, TV and everything else. Now people can put their own content on YouTube, it’s just another example of how social media has revolutionised media in general.

Alon: We can choose our scene partners. We collaborate. We help each other. Unlike with studios where you have to have a scene with a certain guy.

Diggory: I don’t necessarily see it as a threat to studio porn. It’s kind of a different thing.

Alon: We still need studio porn. I need to do studio work to sit with the elite London porn circle. Even though it pays less.

Diggory: I think with the stuff I’ve done on TimTales, it helps promote my content and it also helps promote them. It’s kind of like a mutual thing. One benefits the other.

Do you find your OnlyFans helps you get work in other areas?

Daniel: I’d say no. Probably. I think Instagram does that by itself. It’s a little add on for people on Instagram who want to see more. If you see anyone on Twitter or Instagram and you find that person really attractive, you sort of think how do I see more of this person. A little link that says ‘exclusive content here’ is always going to trigger you to do that.

Do you find people automatically sexualise you because of what you do?

All at once: Yes.

Diggory: It’s expected really.

How does that make you feel?

Alon: I don’t mind because that is my brand. You can objectify my porn side. I see it as a validation.

Have you ever had a fan experience? Has someone ever recognised you on the street?

Diggory: I did have my first time being recognised on the street not so long back in Soho. Some guy came up to me and told me he’s a fan and just wanted to say hi.

Daniel: A lot of times I get recognised from my work modelling on the Recon website. I was recently in Berlin with my best friend and I had people come up to me to tell me that they follow me on OnlyFans. It’s quite funny.

Alon: I had sex with two of my paying fans. They were hot!

Do you find your work pressures you into looking a certain way?

Alon: Yes. I go to the gym now.

Diggory: I do go to the gym more now but I think I put the pressure on myself rather than feel it from the industry.

Daniel: Yeah definitely.

Alon: It’s a very superficial industry. We have to look good all the time. Although back in the Philippines I was more vain. Before, I used to get microdermabrasion every two weeks, I’d get body scrubs every week and pedicures and manicures every week, but now I don’t do that as it’s more expensive in London.

Daniel: For getting jobs and photo shoots they hire me to be fit.

Where do you see your future as performers?

Diggory: I’ll keep building up my brand, I guess, and see where it takes me. I’m trying not to worry about what happens too far down the road. Doing this has opened up so many doors and provided much more than any previous job ever has.

Alon: I think this is very short lived. I think I’ll be done this year. I think I’ll be over soon. I change careers every year and I think I’ll be done this year. It’s just a phase. I thought this would be a good, fun anecdote to my future grandchildren.

Daniel: I’m a personal trainer which I enjoy and still do now. I’ll continue to build my Instagram audience, because the bigger my audience is, the more people I can convert into subscribers. So far so good! I think people tend to have this perception that you get to a certain age and you don’t get hired for anything anymore but now I think we buy into more of a person so we have a lot more sustainability.

Diggory: Definitely. It’s like you were saying about it being a superficial industry, I think it’s gone the other way, because now that people follow your Twitter and Instagram they are getting to see a varied side of you. They are interested in you as a person. It’s monetising your entire personality (laughs).

If you are an escort, you can find help, advice and support at National Ugly Mugs (NUM), an organisation which provides protection and advice for sex workers. 

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