34 Dean Street
Soho, London

Switchboard: 020 3315 8000

A walk-in service is no longr provided. Appointments can be made online and time-slots will be released every evening at 7pm for the following day. You'll recieve a SMS confirming the appointment time. 

Click here to book an aoppointment: www.deanstreetexpress.nhs.uk

Dean Street Express is part of 56 Dean Street.

Dean Street Express (34 Dean Street) offers fast, free and confidential sexual health screening (STI/STD tests) 6 days a week without an appointment. The clinic is located in Soho, central London and is open late 4 evenings a week.

The clinic shares the same number with the upstairs neighbours so please don't ring their doorbell. You can't miss Dean Street Express. It has a glass storefront with a neon sign above the door.

Getting a routine check-up should be easy and we recommend that people at risk test at least once or twice a year. You need a mobile phone number to use this service. Men should not pass urine for at least 1 hour before their visit to Dean Street Express.

The clinic uses the latest technology to make screening even easier than before with touchscreen check-in, self-taken tests and fast bloods with the friendly team. HIV tests are instant and the result is given during your visit. The clinic will deliver your other results quickly (usually within 6 hours) via text message (SMS).

If you do need treatment then the expert team at 56 Dean Street available will provide this for you. If one of your tests is positive for an infection you will be send a link with information on how to book in for treatment (normally within 24 hours).

*You will not be contacted between 12 midnight and 7am. If you test after 6pm you may receive your results the next day.

Watch the "Your visit to Dean Street Express" video below: