What is 90-90-90? The next step in the fight against HIV

The UN announced on 29 November 2018 that the UK is one of the first countries in the world to hit the 90-90-90 target to help end the global fight against HIV and AIDS. The UK is well ahead of schedule to hit this target which is wonderful news. But before we find out what happens next let’s understand what 90-90-90 actually means. Read more

Helping LGBT people to know what care to expect when facing a terminal illness

Professor Richard Harding, Dr Katherine Bristowe and their research team have published a new guide aimed at helping LGBT people to understand what they should expect from their care providers, and where they can find further support. Read more

How Risky am I? Survey Results | GMFA - Rise Partnership

In February of 2017, GMFA as part of the RISE Partnership - which includes NAZ, London Friend and The Race Equality Foundation - launched a tool called ‘How Risky am I?’. Read more

Scotland becomes first in the UK to approve the use of PrEP on the NHS

Scotland has become the first in the UK to approve the use of PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) on the NHS to prevent HIV... Read more