Scotland has become the first in the UK to approve the use of PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) on the NHS to prevent HIV.

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) announced that PrEP, the HIV prevention drug, has been deemed a cost-effective treatment to prevent the transmission of HIV and will be made available on the NHS in Scotland. It has been proven in multiple studies that PrEP works to prevent new HIV infections.

Ian Howley, CEO of GMFA – the gay men’s health charity said: "GMFA welcomes the news that PrEP will become available to those who are most at risk on the NHS in Scotland. Over the past year we have seen statistics that proves PrEP works and is helping in the fight against HIV. In some cases, GUM clinics have seen a 40% drop in new HIV infections. PrEP is the tool that we have been waiting for and I am delighted that gay and bisexual men in Scotland can now access PrEP free on the NHS.”

Ian also calls into question NHS England’s decision for a three year trial.

Ian continues; “This decision now calls into question as to why NHS England can not make PrEP available to all that need it and still insist on a three year trial. We are now calling on NHS England to follow the footsteps of Scotland and provide PrEP to those who are at a higher risk. 

"Every gay and bisexual man living in the entire UK deserves the right to access PrEP for free on the NHS. It’s time this became a reality. Too many gay and bisexual men are becoming HIV-positive and we now have a tool that can prevent new infections.”

“We congratulate the PrEP4Scotland Coalition, HIV Scotland, Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland, Waverley Care, and National AIDS Trust, on their hard work in getting PrEP available to all those who need it in Scotland.”