GMFA is developing a new fundraising campaign which highlights the work that we do and we need YOU to get involved.

Has GMFA helped you in the past? 

Have we educated you about sex? 

Have we empowered you to make different choices? 

Have you used our website to find out information? 

Have our sexual health or HIV stigma campaigns resonated with you?

Have you been moved or related to one of our true life stories?

However GMFA has helped you, we want to know and we want to feature your endorsement alongside your picture for our upcoming fundraising campaign.

Get involved and help us secure GMFA's future and reach even more people with our work. 

What we need from you: A quote saying how we have helped you and a selfie/nice photo of you.

If you are interested in taking part or want more details, please email Campaign Manager Liam Murphy, at [email protected]