We’re still here! Welcome to the first unfunded issue of FS magazine. In case you missed last month’s announcement here’s what’s going on. Back in March we were told that the Pan London HIV Prevention Partnership was being disbanded and that local authorities were now responsible for HIV prevention funding in London. Well, they decided that they were not going to fund FS magazine any more (without giving any reason, might I add).

Now we could have sat there crying into a bowl of soup (pint of beer) but we didn’t. GMFA took the decision to self fund FS until we can get funding for the magazine. We’re confident we can keep going for at least a year but we’re not too sure after that.

But why? Why are we bothering to continue producing this magazine? Because we know just how important FS can be to gay men living in London, beyond London and throughout the rest of the world. After we publish each issue of FS you, our readers, tell us through Facebook and Twitter just how much you appreciate this magazine and the articles within it. Whether it be Kristian Johns’ column, our main features or an opinion piece – we see that people are engaging with the articles in FS like no other form of health promotion. This is why it would be crazy for GMFA to just let this magazine die. We firmly believe that what we are doing is changing lives in some shape or form for the better.

So here we are, unfunded, still alive and kicking. We don’t know for how long but we certainly won’t go without fighting.

Anyway! Let me introduce this issue to you. As you can see from the cover, our main feature is about the drugs gay men are using to increase their sex lives. We all know that drugs are a big part of the gay scene and certain drugs come in and go out of fashion quicker than a Britney Spears single. But it’s the type of drugs that are in fashion at the moment that are quite worrying. Drugs such as G and Crystal meth are becoming more popular with younger people on the scene. Stuart Haggas has written a brilliant feature on this, which makes for a damn fine read. We also have some sex tips to spice up your love life plus lots of great articles to keep you entertained for a while.

It’s been fun putting it together and I hope you appreciate our first unfunded issue of FS magazine. Enjoy!

Ian Howley, Editor

Read the magazine in full here: http://issuu.com/gmfa/docs/fs136pdf