Our new Chair, James Mack, outlines GMFA's current successes and plans for the future.

I’m delighted to become GMFA Chair at such an exciting time for GMFA.  It’s also great to be working with the rest of the Board, including Alan Palmer, our new Vice Chair.  

To highlight just a few examples of recent work: the LGBT Hate Crime campaign that we developed with the LGBT Consortium has been nominated for a European Diversity Award as ‘Campaign of the Year’; we’re working on a new ‘Sexual Strategies’ campaign, funded by the MAC AIDS Fund; FS and our website continue to increase their visitor numbers every month and we’re just about to refresh our website design, making it even easier to navigate on mobile devices. In addition, GMFA has been at the cutting edge of sexual health, creating and pitching completely new ideas for health promotion projects.

We’ve also been reviewing how we can engage and support our volunteers, whether new or longstanding.  And we’ve been developing GMFA's new strategy, which will set out in one place why and how GMFA does what it does - and what we’ll be doing over the next three years.  

Of course, without our volunteers, none of this work could have happened.  GMFA has always been, and remains, a volunteer-led organisation. But now, more than ever, we need your support.  Our new strategy sets out an ambitious programme of work.  And we still receive no statutory funding for our website, FS or our campaigns.   

We’ll be writing shortly to invite volunteers to become involved in our fundraising work so please keep a look out for the invitation.  And please continue to look out for the other opportunities to get involved - there will be lots more happening.  

James Mack,
GMFA Chair