Principal editor:

Matthew Hodson

Matthew has been working in sexual health and HIV prevention for gay men since 1999. For GMFA Matthew has worked on campaigns and interventions for HIV positive gay men, facilitated GMFA’s Research group and managed GMFA’s HIV prevention mass media campaigns from 2001 to 2006, including the development of the award-winning ‘How HIV transmission works’ campaign. Matthew was GMFA’s Head of Programmes from 2006 until 2012 and is currently the charity's Chief Executive Office. Prior to working at GMFA, Matthew worked in marketing and advertising, and as an educator and curator at the Museum of London. Matthew writes regularly on health issues for the gay press.

Contributing authors:

Rob Dawson

Following a biology degree from Edinburgh University, Rob worked as a journalist specialising in health and science. His career moved into healthcare communication in 2003 and he worked in health promotion, public relations and medical education projects covering a variety of disease areas; including mental health, cancer and HIV. Rob has developed and managed award winning communications programmes (Communiqué awards for projects targeting both patients and healthcare professionals) for national and international audiences. For GMFA, he has managed the development of HIV prevention Mass Media campaigns and booklets for gay men. He continues to write articles about sexual health and is a consultant editor for NAM, a community-based organisation which delivers HIV information across the world.

Hristo Deyanov
Hristo was GMFA's Website and Campaigns Manager and he was also responsible for the management of the online partner notification service. He recently completed his Master's in Public Relations and focused his research dissertation on applying Social Marketing concepts to HIV-prevention amongst members of the gay community in London.

David Stuart
David Stuart is responsible for managing and developing London Friend's education, training and outreach services. David has been instrumental in promoting understanding and good practice in the field of LGBT substance use, and has developed new care pathways for the emerging trends of Methamphetamine, Mephedrone and GHB/GBL use.

Chris Patmore
Chris has been involved in HIV work since 1996, when he joined GMFA as a volunteer. From 1996 to 2000, Chris was the Communications Group Co-ordinator at GMFA, working on mass media, PR and scene-based campaigns. During this time, he was also a member of the GMFA Board of Directors and held the position of Vice-Chair. Subsequently, Chris worked in the public relations sector, devising campaigns for global brands, before returning to GMFA in 2009. Chris used to project manage the development of GMFA's small media interventions, including HIV prevention booklets, postcards and leaflets.

Barrie Dwyer
Barrie has been involved in HIV work since 1992, initially volunteering for THT and then joining GMFA as a volunteer in 1994, and being employed in 1996. Barrie worked initially for the Safer Sex Group developing a large variety of interventions. From 2000 he was responsible for the marketing of counselling and groupwork provision to gay men in London. He also looked after the National Groupwork provision in England & Wales as well as the Stop Smoking courses GMFA runs in London. He has been a groupwork facilitator for 14 years and an Assertiveness facilitator for 12 years.

Tim Molloy
Tim began working in the HIV sector in 1994 as a volunteer for George House Trust in Manchester. At GHT, Tim was involved with running the HIV-positive gay men’s peer support group and working on community and fundraising events. After moving to London and a few years away from HIV work, Tim joined GMFA in 2003 and project manages the development of GMFA’s interventions aimed at improving the health and well being of HIV positive gay men. Tim’s role also involved managing GMFA’s community events, including GMFA’s annual presence at Pride, World AIDS Day fundraising events and GMFA’s Gay Sports Day.