Help us say "Pants2HIV"

Last year 3,250 gay men were diagnosed with HIV in the UK.
We believe that gay men need frank, honest and clear information about HIV and sexual health.
GMFA: better health, better choices and great sex.

GMFA makes an impact.

Around 100,000 people visit the GMFA website every month looking for information about the risks involved in sex and ways to have better, safer sex.

Our most recent campaign Think Again reached over 4 million people

Our gay men’s health magazine FS reaches around 100,000 per issue through print, online and mobile apps

However, without your support, all of this could disappear.

GMFA currently receives no government funding for any of our HIV prevention work, including this website.

Here’s how your donation can help:

  • £5 helps provide 225 gay men with accessible sexual health information and advice on GMFA’s website, www.gmfa.org.uk
  • £10 helps provide social support to gay men living with HIV
  • £50 helps fund a social media campaign targeting gay men in ‘high risk’ areas
  • £100 helps FS magazine reach over 400 readers via print, web and mobile app, providing vital sexual health information. 

You can make a donation online by using the donate box at the top of the page OR text GMFA14 and £3£5 or £10 to 70070

We need your help to continue to reach more gay men with vital sexual health advice, so we can all make better choices, for better health and have great sex.

How you can take part in Pants2HIV

1. Wear a pair of pants. You can pose in just the pants, wear them over your trousers, on your head, on your pet’s head – you can do it any way you like. You don't actually have to strip down to your pants - unless you want to.

2. Write on a piece of paper:


Text ‘GMFA14 £5’ to 70070


(You can change the donation amount to any of the following: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10)

3. Take a selfie
 holding the piece of paper or get someone else to take the picture for you.

4. Choose two people to do it next. Or challenge all of your followers.

5. Write the following in your social media post:

I’m saying #Pants2HIV by donating £(amount) to @GMFA_UK. Your turn @____ and @_____.

(Tag who you’re getting to do it next)

6. Post the picture to social media – Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

7. Donate.

It’s that simple – Pose, post, donate and pass it on.

FS magazine

FS is a bi-monthly magazine that provides information on gay men’s health and advice, in a relatable, clear and entertaining way.

The print magazine has a circulation of 15,000 copies across London’s gay scene and each issue has between 50-70,000 reads through the digital version and mobile app.

The FS magazine website boasts 40-45,000 views per month.

FS was also a finalist for the Rosemary Goodchild Award for excellence in sexual health journalism for its article ‘Hard Sex’.

FS is making a difference and we need your help to make sure it has a future. 

GMFA creates campaigns that work.

Think Again

Earlier this year, GMFA launched ‘Think Again’, a campaign using print, posters, online and social media, aimed at getting young gay men thinking, talking and taking action about HIV and sexual safety.


Through Facebook and Twitter alone, over 4m people saw the campaign and a further 31,664 people visited the Think Again web page.

The entire campaign was funded solely by GMFA.


The ‘Responsibility’ campaign sought to help both HIV-positive and negative gay men take control of their own sex lives and make safer sex decisions.


The campaign ran across print, posters and online, and was recognised by more gay men than any other sexual health campaign at that time (based on an independent study conducted by Sigma Research).

GMFA's campaigns inform, empower and motivate gay men to make better choices, enjoy better health and have great sex. 

You can make a donation online by using the donate box at the top of the page

OR text GMFA14 and £3, £5 or £10 to 70070

 Help us say "Pants2HIV" and DONATE NOW