Alan is Chair of HERO/GMFA and has volunteered for the charity for three years, joining the Board in June 2015. He was Chair of Bristol LGBT Forum from 2009-2011, and volunteered extensively for a number of years on a range of advocacy projects, including for gay men's sexual health, relationships education for young people, and LGBT equalities. As a volunteer for HERO/GMFA, he has worked on mass media campaigns, FS planning, Gay Sports Day and marched at Pride. He has also been a member of the governing bodies of two south London academies since 2012. 

Professionally, Alan has worked in education policy for over 15 years, taking up various roles in government, research funders and representative organisations. His current role is as Head of Policy and Research with an organisation representing a number of universities to promote and advocate for higher education policies that aim to ensure university remains an option for all students, including those from diverse backgrounds.