HIV-undetectable: sex without fear

Fear is a perfectly rational response to danger. Fear can keep us safe. But a state of perpetual fear is not sustainable and it is not healthy.Read more

Why we need to rethink HIV prevention

We’ve come so far in the terms of where we are in HIV prevention. We live in an age where the majority of gay and bisexual men living with HIV in the UK have the condition under control - 95% of people on treatment are undetectable.Read more

Fuck your ‘masc4masc’. I’m a magical unicorn.

It’s not uncommon for gay men to struggle with the fact that they don’t fit the masculine mould – especially when growing up.Read more

I don’t care if I never have sex with an HIV-negative guy again

This isn’t meant as some sort of inverted prejudice; I would never be so stupid as to turn someone down because of his HIV status. I just think it needs saying.Read more

Let us fight HIV and end stigma together

The first time someone told me that they had HIV, they knew that they didn’t have long to live. We hugged and talked until the early hours. By the next year they were gone.Read more

No more sex shaming: why my 2017 will be sex-positive

"I want to be a ‘slut’. There, I said it."Read more

What I’ve learnt from living with HIV

As I get that bit older, I tend to find that more things are becoming less important and my sense of taking each day as it comes is becoming far more accessible.Read more

Eight changes in HIV prevention

I’ve been with GMFA about half of my adult life. After 17 years with GMFA it’s time for me to move on.Read more

Grindr, chemsex and self-esteem

For some, addiction is having a profoundly negative impact on their lives.Read more

Gay men and bottom shaming

It’s drummed into us that being insertive is masculine and that being receptive is feminine – and that femininity is something that men should avoid at all costs.Read more

PrEP and the battle of ‘getting to zero’

HIV seems to be at the front of our minds at the moment, given the storm caused by NHS England’s decision not to fund PrEP on the NHS.Read more

I HATE when gay men use the word ‘Poz’

Although hate is a strong word it isn’t anywhere near enough for how much I feel about being referred to, or anyone else for that matter, as being ‘poz’.Read more

More gay men say bareback porn is to blame for riskier sex...

13% of gay men said that watching bareback porn led them to personally have unprotected sex, with a further 9% saying they did not know. An increase from 2012...Read more

Porn. Sex. XXX - is porn affecting our health?

13% believe that watching bareback porn affected their decision to have unprotected sex.Read more

Don’t put all your eggs in the PrEP basket

Right now it looks like there’s going to be a long wait before PrEP is made available on the NHS.Read more

Horny and ashamed seeks same for long walks and companionship

And yet on a Saturday night, the gay scene is crammed full of ‘mean girls’ derisively appraising each others’ pants, pompadours and packages.Read more

"But AIDS was an 80s illness, right?"

Why we must encourage young students to join the fight in promoting safe sex at university.Read more

"No offence... but I’m not looking to date poz guys"

Just as education has helped and is helping the stigma around being gay, the same is as important and necessary around HIV.Read more