Fuck your ‘masc4masc’. I’m a magical unicorn.

It’s not uncommon for gay men to struggle with the fact that they don’t fit the masculine mould – especially when growing up.Read more

I don’t care if I never have sex with an HIV-negative guy again

This isn’t meant as some sort of inverted prejudice; I would never be so stupid as to turn someone down because of his HIV status. I just think it needs saying.Read more

HIV-undetectable: sex without fear

Fear is a perfectly rational response to danger. Fear can keep us safe. But a state of perpetual fear is not sustainable and it is not healthy.Read more

"Oh shit, I have HIV!"

“Oh shit, I have HIV” were not the words I said when I was first diagnosed. They were what I said out loud to myself six months later as I was sat on the tube on my way home from a long day at work.Read more

'Just Man Up' - the stigma of silence is killing us

Over three quarters of those who died by suicide in 2012, while suffering from depression and related illnesses, were men. It’s the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK, claiming lives of more young men than cancer.Read more

All good things must come to an end. My final column...

As the age-old cliché goes, “all good things must come to an end”, and so it’s with the heaviest of hearts that I’m writing this, my last column for FS magazine.Read more

What makes you think he’ll never cheat?

I made the mistake of reading some comments on an article I posted online about dating HIV-positive guys. Most of the comments were really supportive but there are always going to be those guys who just want to make it clear that they’re the good gay guys and I’m... well, just not.Read more

"We just don’t give a toss about our health when the right high is kicking in"

The number of gay guys using chems who catch HIV daily (yes, daily) in London is certainly worrying, but what’s even more worrying is that we’re still misunderstanding the basics of how to avoid catching HIV when having sex.Read more

I'm angry about the lack of mental health campaigns

Coming out, the eternal ball ache of being a homosexual.Read more

We need to celebrate being HIV-positive and undetectable

This one time, definitely not at band camp, I was feeling pretty damn horny. Like second nature, out came Grindr and the search for that quick fix began. After chats with numerous guys, I found someone that caught my attention.Read more

OPINION: Want to stop racism?

Then spread empathy...Read more

When did you last have sober sex?

A question that can stop too many gay men in their tracks these days. In fact it’s become the most commonly asked question by workers in London’s sexual health clinics.Read more