How will Brexit impact people living with HIV?

The Brexit question has opened questions for people living with HIV, perhaps the most important questions are yet to be answered.Read more

Fighting the fear of intimacy

When you have sex, are your eyes open or closed most of the time?Read more

Sex and the condom loving man

Condom use has gone down.Read more

How has PrEP affected people living with HIV?

When conducting our PrEP survey for this issue, we didn’t want to just invite HIV-negative people to the conversation. We also wanted the thoughts and views of gay men living with HIV.Read more

Clear head, clear fetish

Hello, my name is Ralf and I am an addict. This is something I have had to get used to saying.Read more

Why black gay men need PrEP

Black gay and bisexual men are far less likely than their white counterparts to take PrEP.Read more

Are we desperate to be loved?

We all want to meet someone great and have our fairytale romance, but how many men do we actually connect with?Read more

Social media: is being online hurting us?

Our time spent on social media is almost more important than our real lives, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow us to be transported into a virtual universe, where friendships flourish and opinions have no filters.Read more

Is it time to get Kindr?

I admit it. There was a time I’d log in to Grindr with excitement at the prospect of meeting someone. Someone who wanted to objectify my mind, spirit and body.Read more

Drink and drugs: my journey of recovery

I’d already been drinking and abusing drugs for more than a decade and shooting up meth for six years when I stopped everything 22 years ago, at age 28.Read more

Summer, sex and how I stay safer

As I write this, I’m fighting the temptation of stripping off entirely.Read more

The right time to disclose your HIV status

Fantastic as it is to have fierce, unashamed role models, neither Conchita nor Charlie made a free choice to talk about their HIV status. In both cases, the decision to go public was driven by an ex, threatening to ‘out’ them.Read more

It's time to put black gay men at the forefront of sexual health

It’s a sad fact that gay and bisexual black men are disproportionately affected by HIV.Read more

Unemployment and mental health

During the summer of 2016, Davey Shields found himself unemployed, financially pressured and struggling to cope with his mental health.Read more

HIV doesn’t define a parent’s power to love

Despite significant medical advances, increased awareness and the ability to live a full life with HIV, a social stigma still exists around people with HIV having a family. This stigma does not just affect the LGBT community; it is very much a mainstream issue.Read more

My life with anal pre-cancer

Most sexually active people have, at some point evidence of HPV in their system, though are unaffected. In a very small proportion of people it causes problems (anal, cervical, penile, or throat pre-cancer/cancer). Living with HIV has been shown to increase the risk of acquiring anal pre-cancer for men who have unprotected sex with other men.Read more