HIV stigma: what's the problem?

For the past five years, FS has surveyed its readers about HIV stigma. Much has changed in that time, including game-changing medical breakthroughs around HIV treatment and HIV prevention, yet one thing remains relatively constant.Read more

HIV-undetectable: sex without fear

Fear is a perfectly rational response to danger. Fear can keep us safe. But a state of perpetual fear is not sustainable and it is not healthy.Read more

What is HIV-undetectable?

HIV-undetectable is a term used to describe someone who is living with HIV but on successful and effective treatment.Read more

Disclosing your HIV status to your partner

It could be that you have fallen head over heels for someone or that you have entered a stage of serious dating. Perhaps you’re in an open relationship. Or perhaps you’ve been with your partner for a few years or perhaps even married. So how do you broach the subject of your HIV status with the one you love (or really like a lot)?Read more

Disclosing your HIV status to your friends

Being diagnosed with HIV can be a very isolating experience and can seem like a lot to deal with alone. Talking to friends and having their support can help you come to terms with your status, provide you with a support network and give you an opportunity to educate someone about HIV.Read more

Disclosing your HIV status to your family

Telling a family member about your HIV status can seem scary and daunting. It’s understandable that you never want your family to worry about your health, and it can be difficult discussing something so intimate with your mum, dad or a sibling. However, having your family as a support network can be invaluable when coming to terms with your diagnosis.Read more

Disclosing your HIV status to your employer and colleagues

Talking to friends and family may be easier than disclosing your status to a boss or fellow colleagues, particularly if you are not close to them. So how should you tell them and do you even need to?Read more

Disclosing your HIV status to a one night stand

How do you disclose your status to a one night stand or hook-up? When do you bring it up and do you even need to?Read more