STIs in a post-condoms world

Let’s talk about PrEP. Or, let’s talk about how HIV treatment prevents the virus being passed on to sexual partners. When our virus is undetectable it is untransmittable (U=U). Read more

HIV prevention and the gay community

The numbers of gay men who are infected with HIV in the UK each year is not going down. Do we need to rethink HIV prevention? And is PrEP the answer? Read more

Are we 'Generation Bareback'?

Recent studies show an increase in unprotected sex amongst HIV-negative gay men. And in a world of treatment, undetectability and PrEP, is this the start of generation bareback? Read more

FS Porn Survey 2016: the results

We surveyed over 1,000 gay men about all things porn. Here are the results in full... Read more

Porn. Sex. XXX - is porn affecting our health?

13% believe that watching bareback porn affected their decision to have unprotected sex. Read more

Meet the gay men who don't drink alcohol

Breaking news! Some gay men don’t drink alcohol. Shocking, eh? Read more

The REAL sex lives of gay men in open relationships

56% of men in open relationships are worried about becoming HIV-positive Read more

How to survive without poppers

I asked ‘Gay Twitter’ whether ‘will you miss poppers if/when they are banned?’ Of the 272 gay men who voted, 53% said no and 47% said yes. Read more

Slut - how many men is too many?

How many guys have you had sex with? 1? 10? 100? 1,000? Is it a list as short as a tweet or as long as an encyclopedia? The gay scene provides countless opportunities for men to connect with other men for sex, but what’s the acceptable number of sexual partners to have? Read more

How to survive group sex

The chances are that at some point in your life you will end up in a threesome, foursome, fivesome, orgy or full on gang bang. Some may only get as far as a threesome but many experience the lot. Here at FS we decided to talk to gay men who regularly do more than one-on-one sex to find out what’s the thrill of it all, and what they’ve learnt to do and not do. Read more

What's your fetish?

Fetishes come in all shapes and sizes – particularly if your fetish happens to be for sex toys – and extends far beyond the 50 Shades-style bondage which people assume ‘fetish’ entails. Read more

How to survive a darkroom

Darkrooms or backrooms are cruising mazes that are found in some venues. Their main purpose is to provide party goers with a place to have sex. They can be very hot if you have an exhibitionist streak or enjoy group play but they can also be dangerous especially when drugs and alcohol are involved. Read more

A modern guy's guide to cruising

As a young gay man, I learnt pretty much everything I knew about sex from Tom of Finland cartoons. This was a world before the internet. Read more

This boy is a TOP!

Life is great when you’re on top. All you have to do is bend your lover/stranger you met on Grindr over and slip, push, shove, ram, pound or pummel it in. Read more

Chemsex Exposed

“I got into it through clubbing in Vauxhall and at East Bloc,” says Ben, 27 from Newcastle. “Me and my partner would go there and select couples to come chill out with us, take drugs, and fuck. For days on end sometimes.” Read more

Party Boys - Drink, Drugs, Sex, Repeat...

Life can be tough in the 21st century. Whether you’re barely keeping it together on minimum wage, or flush with an obscene banker’s bonus, the working week can consist of long hours, monotony, anxiety, deadlines, intense stress, lack of appreciation or recognition from your boss… no wonder that many of us can’t wait for the weekend! Read more

Gay Sex and the Sauna

Britain’s gay saunas have been taken a beating in the media of late, including the sad news of a death in a Manchester sauna, while a gay campaigner is calling for them to be shut down. Read more

SEX APPY - are you addicted to sex apps?

Last month, we asked our readers about their use and experiences of gay social networking apps. Almost all of the 412 respondents said they use these apps on their smartphone and/or tablet. Read more