I used to think 'why am I always single?' Then something happened...

After years of searching for ‘Mr Right’ I think I’ve finally found my match. He’s smart, funny, creative, affectionate and emotionally balanced, pretty much ticking all the essential boxes on my list.Read more

The swiping game - a textual kick to the balls

In an ideal world, this is what would happen: you swipe right, they swipe right, conversation sparks, you meet, instant connection and scandalous flirtation ensue, moonlight dinner dates and long, lustful stares fill your evenings...Read more

"Oi! You! You take it up the arse"

LGBT hate crime is not just physical attacks in the dark.Read more

Are you a happy homo?

I’ve been thinking about my life recently and a question popped into my mind – am I a happy homosexual?Read more

True Life: "The night I nearly died"

It seems almost every time I read an American paper, or read online news, another gay teenager in the US has committed suicide. I sit there and read the article talking about how they were a ‘promising student’ or a ‘loving son’, I see the photo of their young face and every time my heart breaks a little more. If only I could have spoken to them, held their hand and told them it’ll be all right and given them a hug. I feel so completely and utterly powerless to help.Read more

The BIG young and gay rule book

If you’re under 25 like me, you’ve had the enormous luck of growing up in the best ever era in which to be a gay man.Read more

TRUE LIFE: My battle with food, body image and self worth

Body image is something I’ve always struggled with. Whether or not that’s the acceptance of others or just accepting myself. But spending 18 years of my life overweight might be something to do with that.Read more