Some gay men have open relationships. Get over it.

Alright, before we start, there’s something I need to make absolutely clear... crystal. It’s factual and undeniable and here it is. Open relationships can and do work! Read more

9 ways to survive an open relationship

FS surveyed over 1,000 gay men about open relationships. Of those who told us they are in an open relationships, 75% said they have rules in place. Many said having rules helps their relationship Read more

Why are gay men so vocal about open relationships?

I’ve been with FS for nearly six years now and in my experience there are only two subjects that get men as heated as this. One is sexual racism and the other is open relationships. Read more

The REAL sex lives of gay men in open relationships

56% of men in open relationships are worried about becoming HIV-positive Read more

Open Relationships Uncovered

We surveyed 1,006 gay men and asked them what their opinions on open relationships are. We uncovered some fascinating results... Read more

Don’t be ignorant: 8 things NOT to say to HIV-positive men

I don’t mean to cause alarm but there are more people living with HIV now than any other time in history. Read more

Chemsex is here to stay

As a non-professional, I am not qualified to express an opinion on why this is taking place, nor do I have the inclination to speculate. My aim is to be honest in relation to my own experience... Read more

"Do you bareback?"

“Do you bareback?” is a phrase I have heard so many times now I reckon it’s up there with how many times Adele’s album is being played round the world this second. Read more

Why disclosing my HIV status is the right thing to do

I told myself that from then on, before sex came into the equation with a guy, I would tell them about my status. It was my way of allowing them to make an informed decision. It was my way of doing the right thing. Read more

How to survive without poppers

I asked ‘Gay Twitter’ whether ‘will you miss poppers if/when they are banned?’ Of the 272 gay men who voted, 53% said no and 47% said yes. Read more