Why are they naked, again?

Last year we asked a bunch of gay men living with HIV to strip naked for us and be part of our first ever naked issue. Why a naked issue? Well isn’t it the gay law that every gay magazine must have a naked issue? Nah, just kidding. Here’s why... Read more

HIV stripped bare | Part 2

Meet the 15 HIV-positive men who are standing up to stigma Read more

7 ways to stop you from becoming HIV-positive

I’m assuming some of you are wondering why I’m not just writing ‘CONDOMS’ in massive bold type and leaving it there. First of all, there’s much more to having safer sex than condoms. Also, I’m going to mention condoms in a bit... Read more

Meet the HIV-negative men who won't have sex with HIV-positive men

FS surveyed 3,140 gay men and found 44% of HIV-negative men that would not have sex with an openly HIV-positive man. Read more

How to survive messy sex

If you were to just go by porn you’d think that anal sex is easy. But anyone who has ever put a cock up a bum will tell you that sometimes it can get messy. Really messy… Read more

What's the best sex you've ever had?

Picture this: You. The man of your dreams. In bed. The walls shake with the power of a Richter 7 earthquake, your hands are clasped in unbridled ecstasy, gasps and moans of intense animalistic pleasure fill the air as the heavens open to the sound of your earth-shattering, mind-boggling, operatic lovemaking! Read more

Coming out of the viral closet is the best thing I’ve ever done

I thought coming out as a 14-year-old boy growing up in Ireland was one of the hardest and bravest things I would ever have to do. However having come out publically as HIV-positive topped it. Read more

WATCH: Sadiq Stripped Bare

Last year, Sadiq sat down in front of his camera and decided to tell the whole world (well the whole Facebook world) that he's living with HIV. Read more

I am gay sexual liberation...

We are lucky. We’ve got it all. We fought through centuries of sex in the shadows, criminalisation, the blackmailing years. We avoided the fates of Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and countless other anonymous victims of societal homophobia. Lest we forget. Read more

What happens when HIV is over?

With improvements in treatment, we have already pretty much entered (in the UK, at least) a post-AIDS era. However many of the challenges of HIV infection remain. Read more

HIV Stripped Bare models read mean dating app messages

At this year's 'HIV Stripped Bare' photo shoot, we asked the models taking part to feature in our new video 'HIV-positive Guys Reading Mean Dating App Messages', as part of our continuing battle to help stop HIV stigma. Read more