PrEP and sex shaming

How do you feel about the sex that you have? Is it all good fun, or is it something that, deep down, you still feel bad about? Is the sex that we enjoy something to be celebrated or something to be ashamed of? And how do you feel about the sex that other gay men have? Read more

HIV stripped bare

FFS surveyed over 250 HIV-positive gay men about their experiences, and 96% admitted to feeling stigmatised for being HIV-positive. Read more

Chill-outs versus chemsex – same thing, different stigma?

It’s just chems, chems and more chems, right? Read more

Young, gay and suicidal

Last month, Stonewall released some statistics to do with bullying and being gay. This year, 75,000 young people will be bullied simply for being LGBT, and 21,000 of them will attempt suicide. Read more

Famous for being HIV-positive

“Ooh! Look at how many Twitter followers you’ve got! You’re famous!” Read more