Party Boys - Drink, Drugs, Sex, Repeat...

Life can be tough in the 21st century. Whether you’re barely keeping it together on minimum wage, or flush with an obscene banker’s bonus, the working week can consist of long hours, monotony, anxiety, deadlines, intense stress, lack of appreciation or recognition from your boss… no wonder that many of us can’t wait for the weekend! Read more

HIV isn’t dirty, stigma is

Although the number of gay men living with HIV in the UK has only ever increased year on year, the number of gay men who believe that they know someone living with HIV has gone down. Read more

"Is Kristian HIV-positive?"

Of all the places you would think about having the “Yes, my boyfriend is HIV-positive” conversation, I’m betting my other half would tell you that doing it while sitting on the toilet is one of the weirdest. Read more