Gay Sex and the Sauna

Britain’s gay saunas have been taken a beating in the media of late, including the sad news of a death in a Manchester sauna, while a gay campaigner is calling for them to be shut down. Read more

Would you let your sister do chemsex?

I think if my little sister was having sex with dozens of men a month, and using drugs most of those times, I’d say yeah; little sis, you have a chemsex problem. Read more

Bug chasing - the ‘gift’ of HIV?

Dubbed ‘bug chasers’, these men don’t fear becoming infected. They’re not even just nonchalant about the possibility – they’re actively seeking out positive men online in order to become ‘pozzed up’ with the ‘gift’ of HIV – filled with ‘bug juice’ and ‘converted’. Read more

Forever single - a never ending dating game

When it comes to relationships, gay men can be some of the most jaded humans on our overly-cynical dirt ball of a planet. Which is just typical of us *eye roll*... Read more

'Top 4 Top' - What happens when you're both tops?

Wait, you don't bottom? Read more