SEX APPY - are you addicted to sex apps?

Last month, we asked our readers about their use and experiences of gay social networking apps. Almost all of the 412 respondents said they use these apps on their smartphone and/or tablet. Read more

Gay sex and the sun

Fucking Foreigners: to paraphrase Danny Zuko and the kids from Rydell High (or Troy Bolton and the kids from East High if you’re too young to remember when John Travolta was hot, or at least vaguely coherent) Read more

Wank me off

Read more

Rape me now, my high is kicking in

No means no. Stop means stop. Simple. There are no blurred lines when it comes to consent to sex. When your partner doesn’t want it, you don’t do it. When your partner wants you to wear a condom, you wear it. Read more

The 'new' negative? Sorry guys, you still have HIV

Well, the preliminary results from the PARTNER study are in and it’s encouraging news: no HIV transmission has occurred when one partner is HIV-negative and the other positive, but undetectable. Read more