Sex and the summer holiday

So what’s the recipe for the perfect summer holiday? To find out, FS Magazine surveyed over 300 readers, asking about your favourite destinations, as well as your best (and worst) holiday sex.Read more

The right time to disclose your HIV status

Fantastic as it is to have fierce, unashamed role models, neither Conchita nor Charlie made a free choice to talk about their HIV status. In both cases, the decision to go public was driven by an ex, threatening to ‘out’ them.Read more

Why we created Me. Him. Us.

Me.Him.Us., which was developed by BAME gay and bisexual men for BAME gay and bisexual men, aims to increase testing among BAME gay and bisexual men but also to increase representation of BAME gay and bisexual men in public health campaigns. The first wave of Me. Him. Us. will focus particularly on black gay and bisexual men.Read more

See the Me. Him. Us. posters

Take a look at the four posters from the Me. Him. Us. campaign, which you will see at bus stops in South London and in venues across the Capital.Read more

Black gay men: this is why we need to test for HIV

Phil Samba, star of the Me.Him.Us campaign and part of the campaign's development group, breaks down why HIV testing is so important for black gay men.Read more