Revenge porn and the impact on your health

We surveyed over 200 people and 46% said that they have had a private sexual photo shared of them without their consent. We take a look into how, why and where private images have been leaked and the impact it can have. Read more

The A to C of hepatitis

What’s the difference between hepatitis A, B and C? How can they affect you? And how can you treat them? Read more

How I came to terms with my HIV

2011 had been a shit and crazy year. Read more

Veganism in the gay community

January might be over, but the talk of ‘New Year, new me’ certainly isn’t. As well as being stone cold sober this January, the next steps into a brighter and healthier 2019, apparently, involves eliminating certain food groups from our diets. ‘Going vegan’ to be exact. Read more

Hate crime and bullying: why we have to be be better

Last week I went to an event in Westminster. There was a crucial vote that evening and outside the Houses of Parliament pro and anti-Brexit protestors hung banners proclaiming, ‘Leave Means Leave’ and ‘We want a Peoples Vote’ next to each other. The sight did not support the notion that our country is united. Read more


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Shigella (or bacillary dysentery) is a bacterial infection which you can get by coming into contact with poo. Read more

The sex in the sauna guide

Here's some tips from GMFA guide to surviving a sauna. Read more

Suicidal thoughts

Now let's talk about suicide. Read more

What are the signs of depression?

You may have noticed a change in the way you’re responding or feeling about things. The following points are indications that it could be depression: Read more

Cruising, Cottageing and the law

If you go cruising in open public spaces, such as parks or lay-bys, you need to be aware of the law around sex in these areas. Here is some information from Galop, the LGBT organisation against hate crime. Read more

Cruising, cottageing and your safety

Most of the time, men cruise without getting into any trouble or difficult situations. However, it’s useful to be aware of ways to look after yourself – and other cruisers. Here are some suggestions. We’ve also included some tips for making your time cruising more enjoyable. Read more

Sex abuse Support

If you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse there are people out there who can help. Read more

HIV stigma: what's the problem?

For the past five years, FS has surveyed its readers about HIV stigma. Much has changed in that time, including game-changing medical breakthroughs around HIV treatment and HIV prevention, yet one thing remains relatively constant. Read more