PrEP: The battle against stigma

FS asked 756 gay and bisexual men for their thoughts on PrEP. The results show a rift between the opinions of those who are taking PrEP and those who oppose it. Read more

How has PrEP affected people living with HIV?

When conducting our PrEP survey for this issue, we didn’t want to just invite HIV-negative people to the conversation. We also wanted the thoughts and views of gay men living with HIV. Read more

Clear head, clear fetish

Hello, my name is Ralf and I am an addict. This is something I have had to get used to saying. Read more

Why black gay men need PrEP

Black gay and bisexual men are far less likely than their white counterparts to take PrEP. Read more

Staying hard: coping with erectile dysfunction

Not being able to get hard, or stay hard, when between the sheets can happen to any of us. Read more

A guide to home testing

Cuts to sexual health services over the last few years have made it more difficult for people to get seen in a clinic for a check-up, but for many of us, regular testing is now a lot easier with free at home sample kits. Read more