Fetish and the gay scene


What women want...from fetish

FS magazine surveys tend to attract and be taken by gay and bisexual men, however our latest survey about fetish had an unprecedented LGBTQ+ female response — 278 of the 1,350 respondents were women. Read more

Are we desperate to be loved?

We all want to meet someone great and have our fairytale romance, but how many men do we actually connect with? Read more

Social media: is being online hurting us?

Our time spent on social media is almost more important than our real lives, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow us to be transported into a virtual universe, where friendships flourish and opinions have no filters. Read more

Is it time to get Kindr?

I admit it. There was a time I’d log in to Grindr with excitement at the prospect of meeting someone. Someone who wanted to objectify my mind, spirit and body. Read more