Are gay clubs toxic?

I can still remember the heady heights of my first few nights out at a gay club. It was like having the run of a sweet shop at night. There were goodies all around and boy did I want to sample them all. Read more

The power of "no"

If, like me, you’ve never sat down and thought about the term ‘consent’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it doesn’t really apply to you. Read more

The rape fantasy fallacy

I used to be into some rather rough and kinky sex. Read more

Are you a good friend?

I’m watching my Will & Grace DVD boxset as I write this. It’s my ultimate comfort TV show which is on par with my other comforting aid – deep pan pizza. Read more

It’s time for new positive role models

Just over a month ago I passed the three-year mark since my HIV diagnosis. Read more

We can finally say it’s not all about condoms

New data released by Public Health England showed that HIV diagnoses across the country had fallen by 18%. Confined to just gay and bisexual men, the drop was 21%; narrow it even further to just gay and bisexual men in London and it was 29%. Read more