HIV-undetectable: sex without fear

Fear is a perfectly rational response to danger. Fear can keep us safe. But a state of perpetual fear is not sustainable and it is not healthy. Read more

Penis anxiety is impacting gay men’s self-esteem

In our latest issue (FS #160) we found out what gay men like about their penis, what they like about others, and what issues impacts their self-esteem and causes anxiety. Read more

Goldicocks: the penis issue

Are we obsessed with the penis? My penis. Your penis. His penis. Any penis! The fact that this article opens with multiple penises means it’ll probably rank highly on penis-obsessed Google keyword searches, because penises attract attention. Read more

Balls - it's no game

Testicular cancer doesn’t discriminate, so it’s recommended that you check them at least once a month. Read more

The age of gay men

I have no idea how this all came about, but older gay men (who don’t fit in the ‘masc daddy’ tribe) are completely invisible in gay media. Read more

5 things you should know about your penis

Penises flop, go hard and get stuck in your flies – they’re multi-talented things those dicks. Read more

Fuck your ‘masc4masc’. I’m a magical unicorn.

It’s not uncommon for gay men to struggle with the fact that they don’t fit the masculine mould – especially when growing up. Read more

I don’t care if I never have sex with an HIV-negative guy again

This isn’t meant as some sort of inverted prejudice; I would never be so stupid as to turn someone down because of his HIV status. I just think it needs saying. Read more

How I made peace with my HIV status

I don’t think I was sober for any sex I had that following year. In hindsight, that first time should have been an indicator of what was to come. Read more