Revenge porn and the impact on your health

We surveyed over 200 people and 46% said that they have had a private sexual photo shared of them without their consent. We take a look into how, why and where private images have been leaked and the impact it can have. Read more

HIV stigma: what's the problem?

For the past five years, FS has surveyed its readers about HIV stigma. Much has changed in that time, including game-changing medical breakthroughs around HIV treatment and HIV prevention, yet one thing remains relatively constant. Read more

PrEP: The battle against stigma

FS asked 756 gay and bisexual men for their thoughts on PrEP. The results show a rift between the opinions of those who are taking PrEP and those who oppose it. Read more

Fetish and the gay scene


Sex and the summer holiday

So what’s the recipe for the perfect summer holiday? To find out, FS Magazine surveyed over 300 readers, asking about your favourite destinations, as well as your best (and worst) holiday sex. Read more

Infidelity and the gay community: Do gay men struggle to be faithful?

Has a boyfriend ever cheated on you? Have you ever cheated? If either answer (or both) is “yes” then you’re in the majority. Read more

Cheating and the risk of STIs

As well as broken hearts and emotional turmoil, a cheating partner can bring home STIs. Read more

HIV Stripped Bare - Part 4

Back in 2014, FS brought a group of gay men living with HIV together in a bid to fight HIV stigma. How does getting naked fight stigma we hear you say? When we started this project, many of the founding models told us that the stigma associated with the virus led them to feel unattractive, less confident, and ‘not sexy’ anymore. Read more

HIV Stripped Bare - a serodifferent relationship

Luca and Ivan have been together for five months. Luca is HIV-positive and Ivan is HIV-negative, and Ivan came along to the photo shoot to support his boyfriend. Read more

HIV Stripped Bare - Rewind

To celebrate 15 years of FS we are reintroducing you to some of the stars from previous HIV Stripped Bare issues. These men led the way in tacking HIV stigma in a unique and sexy way and for that we want to celebrate 15 years of FS with them. Read more

What makes a good top and a good bottom?

FS surveyed over 240 gay men to ask something very important. Something that affects every gay man. Something that’s so integral to our way of life it can impact relationships, change friendships and perhaps bring us closer to spiritual enlightenment. We asked: what makes a good bottom and what makes a good top? Read more

Gay Sex Uncovered

What would life be without risk? If we didn’t push boundaries or challenge ourselves, it’d be a world of beige walls, sensible shoes, and bland food. Read more

Goldicocks: the penis issue

Are we obsessed with the penis? My penis. Your penis. His penis. Any penis! The fact that this article opens with multiple penises means it’ll probably rank highly on penis-obsessed Google keyword searches, because penises attract attention. Read more

This is HIV stigma 2016

We surveyed 750 gay and bisexual men living with HIV about stigma. Here are the results... Read more

Mental health and the gay community

Mental health is a topic people still find difficult to discuss, even with their closest circle of friends. If you ask us gays, we are all fabulous. “Depressed, me? Struggling? Never!” Which is ironic, considering the staggering amount of data proving otherwise. Read more