Hi all.

A couple of months back we sent out the draft strategy. Well the Board has endorsed this with a few tweaks and here it is. We have either done or begun 1 to 4.

Barrie and Hristo have carried out focus groups with two sets of young gay men and another one with a group of gay men involved with the PnP scene. This will contribute to the Needs Assessment that we are planning to be the focus of our advertising campaigns this year. These campaigns will be built around addressing identified needs using the medium that best suits the target audience and the message. So if you’re itching to get going with a mass media campaign - or you have skills in new media – the call for volunteers should be coming soon.

We have committed to six issues of FS this year. The new issue just came out this week and can be read online at www.fsmag.org.uk. The next FS editorial meeting will be on 12th June at the GMFA offices at 7.30pm. We are looking for people with fresh ideas to  help with the development of FS. Email [email protected] if you want to be there.

The new interactive website will be beta-testing soon. Everyone can help with feedback to de-bug and improve it. If you’d be interested in testing it out, email [email protected].

Social groups and community fund raising continue as before. And we will be marching at Pride and, hopefully, a video in Trafalgar Square. We’ve got some great GMFA branding this year, you don’t have to wear it to march with us (but we think you’ll probably want to). So be there, do it, get the t-shirt. Oh, and let [email protected] know that you’re coming so he can reserve you that shirt.

With the loss of our statutory funding we need to raise more from community fundraising to support our work. Coming up we have the Walk for Life (16 June), Clapham Street Party (22 June) and the GMFA / RVT Sports Day (26 August). If you are interested in taking part or helping out with any of those events, mail [email protected].

We are going ahead with the building sale, as we need to turn it into cash. It’s not been a wasted effort because we should see a good return on what we’ve put into the building. No thought yet on where we will move to.

We are also of course exploring funding opportunities. We will be aiming at trying for funding from the Inner London Boroughs for 2014/15 – they won’t be funding anything before then. We are also bringing in an experienced fund raiser on a consultancy basis to identify funding opportunities and help put together funding bids for us.

We mean to keep you informed like this of any big changes as they happen. We’ve been told to make my emails shorter. We’ll try.

John Hanson