The Sex Course is a one day course where you will find out how your mouth, your cock and balls and your arse work. Unprotected anal sex is the major route of HIV transmission amongst gay men, and many men have concerns about how risky oral sex is. The course includes hints and tips on making sex both safer and more enjoyable and will help you to explore what you want from your sex life in a non-threatening, non-judgemental and fun space.

Who should attend?

The Sex Course is for any gay or bisexual man who wants to:
- build your knowledge about how your body works
- increase the knowledge and skills you already have to improve your sex life.

Course Detail

This course is a chance to learn about the biology of your arse, mouth, cock and balls, what the HIV transmission risks are around the sex you have, and explore how you can improve your sex life in the ways that suit you best.

During the course you’ll find out the answers to such questions as: How does your arse actually work? Why is the arse the main route of HIV transmission among gay men? What difference does it make if you are cut or uncut? What can you do to stop the gagging sensation when giving someone a blow job? What is the risk if someone cums in your mouth?

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