A lack of confidence in social and sexual situations can leave you feeling unable to ask for what you want, or to refuse requests that are made of you. Building your Confidence is a one day course designed to help you improve your confidence using easily learnt practical skills.

You’ll find out what confidence is really all about; confidence can be learnt, it’s not a secret skill that some people have and others don’t. The practical skills that are used on the course will enable you to start and maintain conversations, make and refuse requests, including making and refusing sexual requests, all with confidence.

The course will also give you some valuable tools to help you build your own sense of confidence and self belief to enable you to deal with any tough times or situations you may face in your life.

The course will take place in East London. It is free of charge and open to gay and bisexual men. Priority of place on this course will be given to people who live or work in Tower Hamlets. Please only book a place if you are sure you can attend the course.

Booking for this event has now closed.