National study looking for LGBT+ participants to improve communication between health and social care professionals and LGBT+ patients with serious illness.

The ACCESSCare team at King’s College London has launched a major piece of research, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, to understand and improve health and social care professionals’ communication with LGBT+ people with serious illness.

Good communication with health and social care professionals is particularly important for people facing serious illnesses, and for their significant others. In previous work, the ACCESSCare team found that LGBT people described experiences of discrimination, and lacking sensitivity from health and social care professionals.

The study is currently looking for LGBT+ people, 18 years old or above, who are facing a serious illness (such as cancer, organ failure, neurological conditions or other conditions that impact significantly on quality of life), and/or their partners, friends and relatives, for participation in a brief interview.

The “+” (in LGBT+) is used to be inclusive of anyone who considers themselves to have a minority sexual orientation, gender identity/history, or biological sex.

The study findings will be used to develop evidence-based guidance for health and social care professionals to improve their communication with LGBT+ patients and their significant others.

If you are interested in participating in or finding out more about the ACCESSCare C project, email [email protected] or visit for more information